Love has a Voice emerged as the team travelled in Europe together, supporting and equipping the church in the Prophetic ministry. When back in the UK, they engaged in life and community outreach together and established the Feel Good Community. The outreach community taking the prophetic gifts and a fun, loving, Spirit filled team into secular venues - to demonstrate and live out the Life of God.

The courses were honed over 10 years of establishing the Bath Prophetic School out of Bath City Church, where Liz Evans spent 5 years on the senior team before resigning her in house local post, leading the prayer and prophetic areas, to take the outreach and prophetic ministry on full time. Carolyn Cooper, the co founder of Love has a Voice, leads the beginners prophetic training and initiated and ran the Prophetic Encouragement ministry at BCC before stepping down to take on another very small development project in the form of a beautiful baby boy, Jeremiah. Since then Ben van Driel has joined the core team to head up the student stream of Love Has A Voice after being mentored by Liz for several years and working on the Bristol outreach team.

About The Core Team

About Liz Evans 

Liz Evans grew up in a family of Church and outreach Leaders. An early passion for Gods written word was joined by a prophetic gift when in her student days, studying an Education and Biblical Studies honours degree, she was gripped with a desire to hear God's voice. Time seeking Him began a lifestyle of loving His Voice and the growing intimacy which hearing Him brings.

Her love is to see people come to know and hear God, understand what they were made for and to go on that adventure.

People experience a sense of personal safety and finding a home, along with a depth of Biblical and Prophetic understanding in the Love has a Voice ministry, which leads to a revelation of God in experience, through the Bible and in community.

Married to Dave, an outdoors action man with a passion for the Scriptures; they have 2 teenagers who bring the fun and laughter to everything that goes on.

With a growing, mature, gifted and committed team, the ministry is spreading geographically and in numbers of people impacted.

The team say: 'As the scope of the ministry grows, we are in a season of seeking the Lord for His heart and Knowledge for all we do and all we impact. Our heart beat is to bring everyone, including ourselves to Jesus. To know His peace, His righteousness and His power in and through our lives. We've been humbled to see His power at work in what we've been doing so far and are loving knowing and serving Him together. There's a rest that comes when we know that all we do is seek Him first, and do what He tells us to do.'

About Carolyn Cooper 

Carolyn previously studied at the Toronto School of ministry and has attended prophetic training at Bethel, Redding in California. A natural born teacher, she and husband Sam have a Christlike purity that simply shines from their lives. Add this to sharp Biblical knowledge, an innate wisdom, strength and a heart full of kindness - and Carolyn and Sam Cooper are a blessing to all they come into contact with.

Carolyn carries a gracing in gift of interpretation and her ability to bring others to an understanding of how to interpret Dreams and Visions is quite remarkable.

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About Ben van Driel 

We asked Ben to head up the students stream because of his experience from working with students in Gloucester: as Chaplin at Gloucester University, following his degree in Theology and Mission having done his dissertation in student mission. Ben has a talent for meeting people where they are and helping them become who God has called them to be. Ben's own story is remarkable and that gives him a depth of insight and understanding for people from all walks of life. 

Ben is 25, orginally from West Sussex with a family background in ministry. He loves the outdoors.