Love has a Voice began as the team travelled in the UK and Europe together, Equipping and supporting the church in prophetic ministry. When back in the UK they engaged in life and community and began using the prophetic gifts to gather missional communities in everyday spaces, giving people hope and a fresh perspective in the things they face.

The School and Courses have been developed over 12 years of teaching the prophetic while in church leadership before taking on the prophetic ministry full time.

Meet the team


Liz Evans 

Married to Dave, with an adult daughter and teenage son who provide the fun and laughter to everything that goes on, the Evans family live in Bath, UK. Liz’s ministry is base is in Bristol, where God is bringing a mature mixture of His people together to bless the City.

Liz has a degree in Biblical Studies, Education and Contemporary Religions, rooting the courses in clear, concise  Biblical teaching, making learning fun  practical, and relevant to today’s society and for people from all world views.

‘When I watch people from any background understand God knows, loves and likes them, when they hear Him speak to them; I see that they begin to live with hope, love and faith. They  thrive and a new adventure begins. Each person we train has a destiny, mentoring helps them to go on that journey.

Carolyn Cooper 

Carolyn has a degree in Education followed up by Ministry School experience where her gift of prophecy was honed and developed. Before having her family, Carolyn led the Prophetic Encouragement ministry ay Bath City Church, where she taught the beginners track, and on the school of prophecy.

A clear and systematic teacher, Carolyn has an innate wisdom and mature gift of interpretation which have enabled her to lead many people into a deeper understanding and functioning of their own gifting. She brings her experience teaching in the Uk and in Europe to lift people higher in the things of God, in an easy and relaxing way.

Her course ‘Of Course You Can,’ brings complete beginners into an introduction and release of prophecy in their lives.

Carolyn lives in Bath, is married to Sam and has 2 children.

Our Guest Mentors and Teachers

Guest Mentors and Teachers with National and international Ministries complete the Mentoring school Team. They bring a sound Biblical maturity, experience in church leadership and their personal and ministry experience of the prophetic, into teaching and mentoring.

Our worship leaders play a vital part in the ministry - leading us all into the presence of God in worship and praise of Jesus. We do what we do for His Glory.