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'The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.' Rev 19:10

All our courses take people on a journey. Hearing God, seeing what He shows them, becoming Biblically and Prophetically literate in mature Interpretation and wise contextual delivery and application. We stay with individuals and Churches on the journey to see the prophetic functioning fruitfully and at peace.


Of Course You Can - Learning to hear the voice of God

This course covers the Biblical basics and the practice of the Gift of Prophecy. In teaching and workshops, this course can be done over a weekend or a series of weekly evenings.

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  • Learn to hear Gods voice for yourself and others.
  • A very good base for starting the practice of Prophetic Encouragement in your Church.
  • It's fun, relaxed and a very safe environment for people to step out into the Biblical Gift of Prophecy.


Interpretation of Visions and Dreams

Accurate Interpretation of what we see and hear from God is a critical part of Biblical Prophecy. One third of the Bible is made up of Visions and Dreams, and they are sometimes hard to understand. We have spent the last 8 years strengthening Interpretation in the UK and within Europe having noticed that it has been largely shallow and immature.

Understanding the language of Visions and Dreams


This Foundational Course is usually held over one Friday evening and Saturday.

  • Can the language of Visions and Dreams be taught? 
  • Does Interpretation work and is it Scriptural?
  • How do I understand modern day Visions and Dreams for myself and others?
  • How is this Gift used in the church, in prayer and in outreach?
  • Delegates will do exercise workshops to interpret simple dreams and begin to see simple pictures in prayer, those well travelled in the their gift will be guided to go deeper in seeing what God is showing them.

A mix of teaching and practical workshops take the delegates on a journey into understanding their Visions and Dreams.

Vision and Dreams Follow Up Days

These follow up days are part of our commitment to help you come through to a place where you are confident and competent to interpret Visions and Dreams in your own prayer life, in the life of the church and in outreach. Once interpretation is flowing freely, we move on to establish you in application, wise guidelines and delivery.

During these days we see people move from struggling with understanding to moving in the power of Gods anointed interpretation encounters, where The Presence of God comes into the room to minister to people.

The opportunity to work towards Accreditation is available for those who want to become fluent in interpretation. This leads to opportunities to serve alongside outreach churches and outreach teams.



  • 2 Mentoring Days Each Academic Term
  • Optional encouraging peer group 'running groups' to discuss and workout the teaching points in your own lives. 
  • The option of an Personal Prophetic Mentor.
"I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to come to mentoring school. It's been a place of growth, life and a safe place to grow especially when the prophetic hadn't felt accepted in my church."
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"I am finding exactly what the role is for prophetic people generally and about my own role."
"The teaching is superb."
"God had a reason for making the prophetic and something unique for me to do."
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Booking in?

A brand new Mentoring School starts with:                     

  • 21st April - Introduction and enrolment: first session of Mentoring School                                                                   
  • 19th May - Skills day                                                               
  • 30th June - 2nd Mentoring School
  • To book in please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bristol-prophetic-mentoring-school-tickets-44607060920 or ask for more details email propheticmentoringschool@gmail.com

Is Mentoring School right for me?

  • Do you want to grow in God and find out His plan for your life?
  • Do you want to develop or grow in prophetic gifting?
  • Do you want to find out how the prophetic is used in everyday life in the Church?
  • Do you want to learn how to hear from God in more powerful ways, deepening your own life of encounter with Jesus.
  • Do you want to influence the culture around you by co-operating with the Holy Spirit?   


Graduate School

  • For those who have completed Mentoring School
  • 24th February - St Luke's Church centre, Bath, 10am-4pm
  • 12th May - ""
  • 16th June - ""


Interested in setting up, training for or serving with a Missional Community Outreach? 

Interesting in supporting this vital ministry with prayer or giving?