22nd-28th March 2017 - Norwegian ministry trip - Os, Rosendal, Odda and Sauda

13th May 2017 - Interpretation master class - St Luke's Centre, Hatfield Road, Bath, BA2 2BD

with tracks for intermediate and advanced students. Book by contacting lovehasavoice1@gmail.com (This course will be caped at 30 so that we can extend and mentor each individual during the day

20th May 2017 - Understanding the language of Visions and Dreams


10th June 2017 - Mentoring Day - St Luke's Centre, Hatfield Road, Bath, BA2 2BD


This mentoring day will replace the cancelation from 11 March and will cover two areas:

How I powerfully use the prophetic in daily life.

The new structure for Mentoring School ahead:

• A new cycle of the foundational skill training and teaching to understand how I function as a prophetic person in the church, in my gift  as a peaceful and powerful servant of God, and in the world as I am part of Christ's body, to fulfil the mission of Christ for my life.

• The introduction  to Mentoring Graduate School

Track 1- to get me ready for understanding and stepping into prophetic ministry as God sees it for me.

Track 2- supporting and mentoring those who are already in ministry to use the prophetic more effectively in their sphere and live a peaceful and powerful life, as we do.

24th June 2017 - Cumbria Prophetic Day - St Thomas', Kendal